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With your subscription, you have access to the uncensored versions of all new videos of Armand and Rolande several days before their publication on social networks as well as all the other cartoons published since the beginning.

-How many cartoons do you make per month?

We publish between 1 and 4 cartoon capsules per month.

-How can I see the cartoons?

For subscribers, you can access by clicking on the menu → ☰  You will only have to choose the package you have subscribed to.

-Why do I have to pay for the cartoons?

As you know, every month, Armand and Rolande create entertainment on social networks and on the website. Unfortunately Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and many other media have censored and deleted most of our creations and accounts. Moreover, they do not pay for the content of Armand and Rolande’s capsules. As our humoristic content is sexually oriented, it is very difficult for us to raise funds to finance the cartoons. We try in many ways to pay our cartoonists, but we lack the means. To make a video of Armand and Rolande, we need money for the artists who draw for hours, weeks and even months. The music, sounds, scenery, colorists, voices and more are very expensive and very long to produce. Despite our efforts, only a tiny fraction of our fans subscribe. This is unfortunately insufficient. If all the fans could donate five dollars (the price of a good coffee), we could continue the adventure with you indefinitely.

– When am I notified of a new cartoon?

We publish weekly on social media to inform about new capsules as soon as they are released. Otherwise, come visit our website. We publish the news every week on our home page.